Pharmacovigilance is an important consideration for all stockholders involved with medicines, right from Healthcare professionals, medically qualified personnel, such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and coroners including patients who consume the drug, to drug regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies who are involved in manufacturing and marketing of the drugs.


Medical Billing

Most small and midsized practices walk on a tightrope, balancing a steady revenue collection and focusing on patient care, by no means an easy feat. At Mediscribe, we understand the importance of providing world class patient care, especially with the current stringent compliance scenario. A practice must do what it does best, take care of its patients, and let Mediscribe take care of your revenue collections.



Medical Coding

Medical coding is a key activity that directly impacts the financial health of your practice. Mediscribe’s coding team comprises of a team of highly experienced and credentialed medical coders from the industry.  All our coders carry certifications from AAPC/ AHIMA, with over 4 years of experience in the field Outsourcing medical billing services to Mediscribe allows hospitals, medical centres and healthcare providers to focus on core business activities and thereby delivery of state of the art patient care.


Medical Transcription

Mediscribe is a pioneer at providing online medical transcription service to various healthcare organizations, independent physicians, clinics, hospitals and MTSOs across US since 1999. Our company’s unique, integrated solution adapts to the physician’s individual dictation method and style, and rigorous staff training and supervision ensure maintaining the highest quality standards. Complete compatibility with EMR/EHR is guaranteed.