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Revenue collections were increased by streamlining the process and regular follow-ups


Service Type OfferedFull Billing Service
Practice Management SoftwareKareo


Client’s Profile

A successful dermatology practitioner from Wisconsin with an estimated monthly collection of approximately $35,000 per month was seeking to change his current billing vendor.  Having a large AR outstanding of 155 days, we were assigned the task of taking control of their entire Revenue Cycle Management.

Business Issues and challenges

  • The client brought us the practice with multiple issues in the year 2013
  • There were rejections, multiple denials and mounting AR.
  • The collection percentage was merely 39%.
  • Average AR was at 155 days
  • No follow-up/ Lack of follow-up
  • Claims being denied for lack/ no authorization

How did we turn it around?

  • Assigning dedicated Account Manager-

Mediscribe’s dedicated account manager, helped in having one on one conversation with the client and being on top of things. All account managers at Mediscribe are subject matter experts with over 5 years of hands on experience on every facet of Medical Billing. They helped diagnose the billing issue with the earlier billing vendor – a backlog of erroneous demographic and charge entry, leading to many rejections and denials.  They clearly instructed the AR department to follow on the claim status.  Upon getting the status, they asked the entry team to make the necessary changes and re-file the claims.  Majority of the claims got paid.

  • Electronic Services-

The client had disenrolled from electronic services from many carriers to reduce cost. We pointed out the huge benefits Electronic Services (EDI, EFT, ERA, and Remits) have and set it up for the client. They approved the same and we were able to enroll with majority of the carriers with this facility.  This timely decision helped in increased flow of revenue and accuracy.

  • Effective Follow-up

The major flaw with the earlier billing was lack of proper follow-up on account receivable.  Several claims had crossed filing limit, but we went ahead and appealed all those claimed and majority got paid.  We ensure that we follow up on all claims over 30 days and keep transmission rejection under 2%. The Result-

  • The client was ecstatic with our service and decided to use our service on permanent basis.
  • By fixing all the intricate issues which were hindering the physician revenue we were able to increase the revenue collection by over 65% within the first 6 months of operations.
  • Being consistent is what we pride ourselves upon. It have been over 3 years since we took over the practice and the collections are at an all time high.
  • We were able to successfully reduce the AR from 155 days to under 55 days.
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Medical Billing