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Client delivarables in Medical Coding at Mediscribe

Intense research and correct codes helped achieved significant increase in revenue.


Service Type OfferedMedical Coding
SpecialityLaboratory Services
Practice Management SoftwareKareo


Client’s Profile

A prominent Diagnostic Laboratory from Tennessee specializing in drug screening was in a fix.  Their existing billing vendor was unable to increase their collections.

Business Issues and challenges

  • The client came to us with major issues with collections.
  • The collection was a mere  $60, 000/-per month.

How did we turn it around?

  • When we did a detailed analysis, we realized  the bottleneck was coding
  •  A number of incorrect codes were used and under coding issues were identified.
  • We dedicated a team of coders to research and identify the most appropriate codes.
  • The coders worked hand in hand with our billing team and the account manager.  Together they were able to achieve significant increase in the claim paid.


  • Claims were filed with the new codes, a significant drop in denials was observed.
  • The newly researched codes with which the claims were filed led to increased revenue collections.
  • The revenue collections which was stuck at $60,000/- was more than quadrupled to $2,50,000/- within 3 months.
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Medical Coding