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Client delivarables in Medical Transcription at Mediscribe

Consitant performance and always maintaining the TAT is the key.


Service Type OfferedMedical Transcription
SpecialityEmergency Medicine


Client’s Profile

A multi specialty hospital at Michigan, approached Mediscribe with multiple issues in the year 2009.

Business Issues and challenges

  • The client had major issues with earlier vendor primarily with inconsistency and quality issues
  • There was no dedicated point of contact to address their issues
  • Since the client was outsourcing it’s emergency medicine transcription, TAT was a major concern

This is how we turned it around for them

  • We studied the client’s case deeply before finding a perfect solution for them.
  • It was decided, the best way to ensure that TAT was not lost and have the client happy was to allot a dedicated team comprising of senior account managers, QAs, experienced clinical language specialists (CLS) and monitoring professionals.
  • Based on the volume, 3 account managers, 20 QAs and 100CLS were allotted
  • The Account managers were placed in 3 shifts.
  • 3 rotational shifts were created with an even distribution of QAs and CLS to ensure no TAT was ever missed.
  • A dedicated team of over 6 monitoring professionals were placed only to monitor the file pool and troubleshooting issues
  • Teams were  created in such a manner that coverage was given 24X7X360, no holidays were taken and work was done on every single day of the year. 

The Result-

  • It has been 7 years strong and we have been consistently delivering accuracy of 98% and over.
  • No TAT has even been missed
  • We received multiple accolades from the client on our extreme professionalism and the finesse with which the account was managed
  • Our USP is our customer support and this was the key to our success as no update or concern was ever missed out.
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Medical Transcription